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ATConversions can transform your GMC/Chevy Pickup or SUV into a way of life for the mobility person.


Autotronics carries a wide range of ADA vehicles, parts and accessories. The new addition of MV-1 vehicles allows Autotronics to provide customers with the ONLY purpose-built vehicle that is designed and built from the ground up for universal accessibility. The MV-1 features the best accomodations for those who are seeking a safe, smooth and quality ride. Unlike other handicap accessible vehicles in its' class, the MV-1 features a body-on-frame contruction. This is more solid and durable as opposed to a uni-body construction. 

Hand / Driving Controls

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Autotronics offers many options to up-fit and/or modify an existing vehicle to accomodate a wide range of driver and passenger needs. Hand Controls / Driving Controls are a popular option because they allow for easier access and control when mobility is limited. Steering assists can also greatly aid in driver control and accessibilty.  Autotronics can work closely with you to correctly identify specific needs and we can maximize your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely and efficiently. We keep you mobile! 

Commerical Vans

Autotronics offers many different options when is comes to the commercial side of vans. Most vans are equipped with a bariatric lift with anywheres from 1 to 3 wheelchair positions and 5 to 14 passenger seating.