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Fleet Service

Here at Autotronics, we concentrate on Emergency and Commercial Vehicle Fleet services. We pride ourselves on holding a higher standard than our competitors. We are the leading ambulance supplier in the State of Maine, offering Braun, Demers, Crestline, and Autotronics Remounts. We take pride in offering over the road service and going right to our customers to perform repairs.


For emergency vehicles, we understand the importance for these vehicles to stay in service and keeping them safe and on the road is our priority. We pride ourselves on making your emergency vehicle a priority and moving them ahead of any none emergency customer.


We perform the following services on emergency and commercial vehicles, alignments, PM Services, Diesel and Gas engine repairs, assembly swaps such as engine, transmissions and rearends, electrical repairs from chassis to module, Charging system repairs, HVAC repairs, steering & suspension repairs, Tires, Vehicle Inspections, and much more. we want to be your 1 stop shop for all you emergency vehicle needs and commercial vehicle repairs.

Car Repair
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